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This is my first pouches with The Pearl Source. I found the picture on the website is much better looking then the actual pear necklace. I am currently going through the return process with my necklace. I am from Canada. The shipping fees and the insurance of the necklace is $164.00. I did not expect this much to return the necklace. However, once the process is completed and I think I will try to buy another one with "AAAA" quality.


Very high quality surface on the pearls, good choice of colors!


Honestly,I am one of those strange women that never really cared about pearls. Then I saw these and fell in love. I wear these with jeans or dress up and they look awesome. My husband wants to buy a longer strand to go with them. I hope he means that and we wouldn't buy from anyone but The Pearl Source.


I am very pleased and would like to purchase matching ear rings that drop,or hanging type. If you have this type please respond with related pictures and item numbers. I have attempted to look up same but had no luck. Thank you in advance.

Product Description

Treat yourself to a pearl necklace perfect for any occasion. This beautiful 10-12mm South Sea & Cultured multicolor pearl necklace features gorgeous pastel colors that are a favorite at The Pearl Source. All pearls are hand-picked to ensure the highest quality possible, with colors ranging from pastel pink, yellow, blue, white, green, peach, and golden. A romantic pearl necklace that is guaranteed to be a favorite.

Product Information
French Polynesia, The Philippines & China
Very Thick
Very High
We're Working Toward a Better World For Women

Pearls have always been a symbol of natural feminine power, beauty, and strength. That’s why we felt it was so important to devote a part of our business to the financial, educational, and entrepreneurial empowerment of women across the globe.